by Motoko Hazama
Published: May 26, 2019 (4 months ago)

Love & Marriage (Break up & Divorce) Insurance

Love & Marriage are sorts of gambles likened to be those with the results of ‘All or Nothing’, so to speak, one of the biggest events in our lives.

Much of our hearts and time are put in there and one could even lose the chances that could have been gained when he/she had chosen another way at the crossroads of life. 

That’s why ‘Love & Marriage (Break up & Divorce ) Insurance’ are here.

The place a couple visits foremost after they decided to be lovers is the window of ‘Love & Mariage Insurance Company’.

According to the optional choices, the premiums could be set freely, and the conditions of receipt or the ratio of receptions also could be adjusted by arrangements, considering several requisites such as to which one the break up or the divorce is attributable, or if both are to blame, what are their proportions.

When there’s ‘Love & Marriage Insurance’, and when there’s an optional condition to be repaid a certain amount of premiums after the specified periods, a couple might refrain from immoralities or devorces. Even when they get divorced, it would be easier to accept the time and memories lost in their own ways, or to put the past behind them. Thus, this insurance would be of much help to keep good marriages to continue, or to fill up the sense of loss after the partings. 

It was precisely because of the consideration to value your lives and your future as well that this ‘Love & Marriage (Break up & Divorce) Insurance’ was born. 


The Idea License Agreement for the above invention available on contract. The Price negotiable. Please contact the inventor Motoko Hazama.


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