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    What steps to take if you are being scammed? Actually, I want to know how much loss one can compensate if scammed anyway.


    First, you can contact the company or invention promoter to get the money back. Second, you can register the complaint against this invention promoter according to the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 to USTPO. For complain you must have to give address and name of you as well as invention promoter. USPTO doesn’t take any legal action against these companies but they make the complaints public for everybody to see and decide for future dealings.


    Yes, as explained by Maia, it is best to first search the invention promoter on the USPTO website for complaints to not get scammed ahead.


    If the company doesn’t refund you, you can use other ways too. You can threaten them to send a written complaint to The Federal Trade Commission, The Attorney General in your State, the AG in the State where the company is located, (2) Senators offices, Yelp,, Google Reviews, and The Better Business Bureau.

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