• Lucy, if you disclose your invention without signing an NDA, you will be left with a vulnerable situation. The company can use your invention in any way and you will not have any legal proof of it. So, it is best to sign NDA.

  • If the company doesn’t refund you, you can use other ways too. You can threaten them to send a written complaint to The Federal Trade Commission, The Attorney General in your State, the AG in the State where the company is located, (2) Senators offices, Yelp, RipoffReports.com, Google Reviews, and The Better Business Bureau.

  • Yeah, you are right, Maia. That is how world works. New innovation replaces old innovations. If you want to remain in the market, keep up your pace of innovating things.

  • Edwin Herbert Land (born May 07, 1907 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA died on March 1, 1991) is a famous American inventor and Scientist. He invented many things as he was derived from curiosity to learn new things. But the main thing that distinguishes him from the others is his invention of the Polaroid camera. He revolutionized the instant…[Read more]

  • Hi Lucy,

    My best advice is practice! The process I follow is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. First I sketch something on a piece of paper, just the basic look of it. Figure out how many images and how much text you want, and how to organise them on the sheet.

    Then I start googling images about what my idea represents. For example if…[Read more]

  • Hi Veronica,

    Personally, I wouldn’t approach multiple companies at the same time for the same idea, because of one big reason. If a company is interested, the first thing they would do is ask 2 important questions: ‘what other company knows about your idea?’, and ‘do you have a patent or a PPA for it?’

    Every other reason derives from this first…[Read more]

  • Be very careful! Even if they signed an NDA, anything that gets publicly disclosed will get them out of the NDA. This is an actual clause in the agreement, you can search for it.

    If you agree with them posting information about your invention on their website, it would absolve them of anything and there would be nothing you could do about…[Read more]

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