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Patent / Trademark Infringement

Patent Attorneys licensed to assist with Patent and Trademark litigations

David Pressman Patent Attorney

David Pressman Patent Attorney

The author of the best-selling do-it-yourself guidebook, Patent It Yourself

Diamond Law Offices, LLC

We provide a sophisticated level of patent legal representation while maintaining close personal attention to our clients' matters at competitive small firm prices.

Sergio Silva Patent Attorney and IP Lawyer

Silva & Associates specializes in the preparation filing, prosecution and maintenance of patents, utility models, industrial models, industrial drawings, trademarks, slogans, trade names and copyrights, both in Mexico and overseas.

SIB Società Italiana Brevetti

Our range of services covers all areas of intellectual property, including filing and prosecution of patents, trademarks, designs, models and plant variety rights as well as copyright, domain names and licensing; we represent clients directly before the Patent and Trademark Office of San Marino; litigation is handled in cooperation with the law firm Studio Legale SIB.

TIPLO - Taiwan International Patent & Law Office

TIPLO - was founded in 1965 by M. S. Lin and a group of professional legal and technical associates specializing in intellectual property rights.

InventNet is a web-based inventor organization similar to an inventor club ( inventors forum ) and is suitable for people that want to be an inventor, have an invention or need patent help and learn how to patent an invention or a simple idea.
We provide a social network for inventors with integrated features like find a patent attorney or patent agent, invention for sale listing directory, inventor forum, real time chat, etc.
American inventors or www inventors can ask questions about how to invent, how to sell an invention, about patent application, prototype, patent search, non-disclosure agreement and other intellectual property law questions.
Questions like: I have many simple inventions will any invention sale ?
You can use the Community Wall, the Forum and real time Chat to discuss and network with others interested in inventing or patenting ideas.