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    Hi, I would answer generally rather pointing any sector or area. Look for the opportunities in your area of expertise rather looking for a sector then learn it and try to innovate in it. For example, if you are expert in plumbing, it is easier for you to invent in plumbing than invent in shoemaking. Hope you get that. Best of luck for the future.

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    I guess the internet is a great opportunity for everyone. If you can think of any activity doing through internet innovatively, you would be successful like Amazon or Alibaba.

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    Hello Adam, I was talking about this a few days back with my colleague over a coffee about what is the need of the hour about invention. He added something, I added the other but we both concluded that people are getting more and more concerned about environmental changes specifically about how to get rid of using fossils for energy. If you have…[Read more]

InventNet is a web-based inventor organization similar to an inventor club or inventors forum.
We are a social network for inventors with integrated features like find a patent attorney or patent agent, invention for sale listing directory, inventor forum, real time chat, etc.
You can use the Community Wall, and the Forum to discuss and network with others interested in inventing or patenting ideas.

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