How to become a patent agent

A detailed description of how to become a patent agent Who is a patent agent? A licensed agent of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, whose job is to advise and assist an inventor for getting patent or applying for a patent is known as a patent agent. Their main function is assisting anContinue reading

Patent Application Preparation, Filing and Prosecution basics for Inventors

Patent Application Preparation As an Inventor you need to be aware of some of the basics or components of preparing, filing, and prosecution procedures for a Patent Application. Some of the components and related language of Patent Application are: • Patent Specifications, patent drawings, • The Filing Date, • The Claims, • The Priority claim,Continue reading

Benefits of Joining an Inventor Club

Benefits of Joining an Inventor Club There are numerous benefits of becoming a member of an inventor club and one of such is the opportunity to get a network of friends that can guide you on several ways of protecting your inventions, seek the services of a Patent attorney and also get some other kindsContinue reading

Basics of Patent Application

Most independent Inventors are confused about revealing their inventions to potential manufacturers or third party partners without the risk of such people stealing their inventions. Luckily there are several Patent Application agents that offer legal services to inventors who want to follow the authorized procedures when disclosing their inventions. Few inventors will rely on trustContinue reading


NON-DISCLOSURE / NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT This agreement is made as of the 23rd day of June, 2002, by and between: ACME Inc. located in CITY, STATE and JOHN INVENTOR located in CITY, STATE. This Agreement shall govern the conditions of disclosure by JOHN INVENTOR to ACME Inc. of certain “Confidential Information” including but not limited toContinue reading