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    From Idea to Invention
    There are many different methods used by professional inventors designed to assist them through the invention process. Below, I will attempt to illustrate how the process should basically go

  • The device concept design combines both fire alarm detectors with firefighting device created design” as shown in the attached concept design , with 160 degree angle for the “fire ball release tube”, to allow the balls to distribute in all the room directions.. for fire extinguishing I am using already invented fire balls , but with smaller scale…[Read more]

  • Hammer part to be installed to any electrical drill, used as hammer for normal nails. This is a unique innovation, not found in any of innovations ideas, which will facilitate drill function for any electric drill and will make cost saving for the production of hammering equipment.

  • This proposal is to mix use between electric with direct power or cordless grinder and drill, by using a simplified mechanism to attach separate parts to the machine body. the proposal is to attach drill or grinder head to the machine part with a clip latch , each head include gear mechanism that allow the rotation of drill and grinder

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