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     Lucy B 

    Can I license or sell my innovation without patent or provincial patent application? I am making a cool tool that I knew is the right time to sell and market. If I wait for a patent, the invention might lose its utility and to be honest, I don’t have enough money to spend on the patent right now.


    According to my experience, most of the companies would license the innovation that has patent or PPA. As you want to save your invention, they too want to save it from competitors’ infringement. And the best way is to get PPA for your invention and then license it.


    I hope that helps.


    It is best to apply PPA and then license your innovation. PPA doesn’t take much time and it gives you one year time period to find a licensee for your innovation and persuade him to pay for your patent as he will be the beneficiary of this invention too. I hope that helps. Good luck!

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