Hi….you can seek patent info from uspto.org. many people are choosing to forgo the patent process in order to take advantage of first market sales simply realize that you would be most likely giving up any rights to patent your product due to prior public disclosure. Only you can weigh the risk it’s highly likely that if you have a popular product someone will knock you off and without any patent protection you would lose any rights to be compensated for your invention however maybe that doesn’t matter in your case maybe you would make enough money where it didn’t matter those are Personal decisions….. and yes I agree it would be best to talk to your attorney so that you understand what you would be giving up even assuming you could be granted a patent…which is no guarantee, of course, best to you. There is one other compelling argument for a patent search and that is you may be inadvertently infringing on another patent and find yourself at the wrong end of this deal where you would owe somebody money for infringing on their patent… So tread carefully

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