• Hi, Adam. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine. He signed over his invention to a marketing company in exchange for a promise of $. But nothing ever happened. He didn’t lose any money, but he lost time.
    The internet provides us with the means of directly meeting our customers online. That goes for direct sales, as well as licensing your p…[Read more]

  • Julian replied to the topic Provisional Patent in the forum Patents 5 years, 2 months ago

    I think you are right about that. You might try the Patent and Trademark site, or United Inventors Association site. But you should ask yourself if your product really needs international protection. It is very expensive for starters. If your major country for sales will be here, why look farther?

  • If you are based on Wisconsin and are looking for help with your innovation, this site is your ultimate solution: here

  • Martin “Marty” Cooper (born December 26, 1928) is an American engineer. He is a pioneer in the wireless communications industry, especially in radio spectrum management, with eleven patents in the field.

    While at Motorola in the 1970s, Cooper invented the first handheld cellular mobile phone (distinct from the car phone) in 1973 and led the team…[Read more]

  • If I licensed my product I would make $2.45 on each piece. I make $26.00 by being a part of the manufacturing operations.

    If I licensed they would probably put some kid on the marketing because it is a costly product launch and the senior marketing people are making much more for the company on higher volume products. I am the driver for all…[Read more]

  • Julian replied to the topic Avoid Scammers in the forum Invention scams 5 years, 2 months ago

    Hi. the best tip to avoid scammers in the marketing field is to join a local inventor group. It is very important to network with inventors in your area. Contact a local inventors group and attend a meeting before going further with the invention process. Ask the experienced inventors in the group for guidance and support. We have a listing of…[Read more]

  • The most standard text describes the inventing process as ‘solving a problem’ but what about products that have mass appeal but don’t really solve a problem? – They become ‘wants’ instead of needs. For example, a game or novelty item doesn’t really solve a problem but sometimes are big sellers. Do most inventors go around specifically…[Read more]

  • Hi….you can seek patent info from uspto.org. many people are choosing to forgo the patent process in order to take advantage of first market sales simply realize that you would be most likely giving up any rights to patent your product due to prior public disclosure. Only you can weigh the risk it’s highly likely that if you have a popular…[Read more]

  • Hi, Lucy no problem. Every kind of question is welcome here. Don’t feel shy we are here to help. So, there are multiple ways through which you can save your idea from a scam. You can always go for the patent, trademarks or copyrights.
    Basically, through a patent, the government gives you the right to exclude others from making, using or selling y…[Read more]

  • Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim (5 February 1840 – 24 November 1916) was an American-born British inventor, best known as the creator of the Maxim gun, the first portable fully automatic machine gun. Maxim held patents on numerous mechanical devices such as a mousetrap, hair-curling irons, and steam pumps, and laid claim to inventing the light bulb. He a…[Read more]

  • Julian replied to the topic Patent Advice in the forum Patents 5 years, 5 months ago

    I am sharing my personal experience with you, Theresa. I hope that helps.

  • Julian replied to the topic Patent Advice in the forum Patents 5 years, 5 months ago

    Hi, Theresa. Here are a few steps you can take to help prevent theft as you begin to share your ideas with others besides applying for the PPA (as it is already mentioned by Maia above).
    • One of the best ways to secure your idea is to only reveal what is absolutely necessary. If you’re pitching an idea to a potential client, give only the det…[Read more]

  • According to my experience, most of the companies would license the innovation that has patent or PPA. As you want to save your invention, they too want to save it from competitors’ infringement. And the best way is to get PPA for your invention and then license it.

  • Julian changed their profile picture 5 years, 5 months ago

  • Hi, Maia put it simply for everyone to understand. I only want to add further one thing that is at the end if no company is interested in your innovation and you are sure about its utility to customers, another alternative is for you is to finance the manufacturing of your idea on a small-scale.
    If you’re successful in selling-out your initial r…[Read more]

  • The National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) is an American organization which recognizes individual investors who hold a U.S. patent of highly significant technology. I was going through their list some time ago and have read about her. It’s a great achievement for her and obviously a great invention of utility for human beings.

  • Excellent Theresa. Your last line “double check that your solution is beneficial, desirable and marketable” makes me think of a famous quote by Edison

    anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent. Its sale is proof utility, and utility is success.

  • And don’t forget that investing time is more important than investing money. Take your time to work for your idea to become reality instead of throwing money left and right hoping someone else would take care of it. Usually people don’t have the funds to do that, but I have seen people do it.

    You should start working on your idea when you’re…[Read more]

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