Hello everyone,

My reply is a long time from all of the dated post listed here. Just joined. So new to this group.
The way I look at license, sale or mfg is all about money. Money.
If a person has the money for a startup, go ahead start making you product, cost money. Try to launch that great product, again money. Cost of trade shows,etc. more money.
Get that product out there, more money.
Unless a person has big bucks in their pockets, DIY I feel, would not be right direction.
Now, think of license, or sale to a mfg that is accepting new products. Ok, sounds great. Possibly some out of pocket cost,
but I do think, it should not be as much money as do it yourself.
Buy the way, does anyone know where the edit button is to make changes or possibly delete?
There is an edit under profile, but this is for addresses,etc.
So if anyone can help me find the edit to make changes besides address changes, please

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