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    Edwin Herbert Land (born May 07, 1907 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA died on March 1, 1991) is a famous American inventor and Scientist. He invented many things as he was derived from curiosity to learn new things. But the main thing that distinguishes him from the others is his invention of the Polaroid camera. He revolutionized the instant photography industry. With his Polaroid instant camera, he ruled the industry for many years. He used a special kind of technique by using chemicals to create image instantly. First, these cameras print photos only in sepia color, then black and white and later Polaroid camera was able to make color photos instantly in less than 60 seconds. He has also contributed in WW2 by providing special kind of goggles and optics. Land did not believe in marketing research. He was confident that anything would be successful in market which people deemed important for their lives and would not be able to live without it.


    Yeah, Danny. I know about Polaroid cameras. We still have those Polaroid photos of my Granddad taken by him with his friends in black and white as you mentioned. Very useful invention to have a peek inside their lives.


    He deserves to be known by everyone. I have read somewhere that Steve Jobs is influenced by him. Jobs considered him as his childhood hero. He also follows him in business ideologies.


    But the new invention of digital photography changed the dynamics of instant photography industry.


    Yeah, you are right, Maia. That is how world works. New innovation replaces old innovations. If you want to remain in the market, keep up your pace of innovating things.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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