Benefits of Joining an Inventor Club

There are numerous benefits of becoming a member of an inventor club and one of such is the opportunity to get a network of friends that can guide you on several ways of protecting your inventions, seek the services of a Patent attorney and also get some other kinds of local, or International Patent Application help. Being a member of this type of association is voluntary and in most cases you will have to make some regular payment or contributions for your membership. Becoming a member of an Inventor club will greatly help beginners who are filing for patent on inventions for the first time.

There are some inventor clubs that provide some forms of learning forums for both young and old inventors as well as entrepreneurs. The idea behind an Inventor club is to protect a new idea, new technology as well as the individual behind such innovations from Intellectual Property thefts. Inventor clubs see their members as resources and not just ordinary people, therefore they do everything to protect their inventions.

Aside from being an inventor, most Inventor clubs are also open to anyone who wants to initiate the process of inventing something new and that which will benefit the general public.  Inventors groups or association also organize periodic competitions and an opportunity to join field trips where members are exposed to diverse innovations within their fields.

Another benefit you may derive from being a member of an inventor club is that you gain more ideas in terms of the technical and business aspect of your invention. You might have a great scientific invention for instance but you may not have the commercialization idea and how to replicate the idea into a money making opportunity. Aside getting the help on commercializing your inventions, becoming a member of an invention club will also will also help you acquire skills on how the product development procedures for your invention evolves, this will include how you can conduct research , evaluation, funding, engineering, prototyping, design and many other components of invention that you don’t have high skills of using.

With a membership of an innovation club, you will receive constant guides on how you can get financing in making your inventions become a bigger project, and you will have more knowledge of handling issues such as licensing as well as challenging issues like marketing and distribution of your invention. You need to keep in mind that as an inventor, some challenges will develop as you try to expand you invention into a bigger project and this is one of the issues that an ideal inventor club will try and assist you in dealing with.

With an invention club, it often becomes easier to find a manufacturer who will license your patent, this is a huge advantage especially when you don’t have the financial strength to commercialize your invention and you already to share the responsibilities with a manufacturer who has a view of the potential success your product will generate.

With a reputable invention club, you will have opportunities to meet regional and international inventors who will enlighten you about their journeys through different phases of their inventions- these include; technology transfers, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property protection among several others. You will learn the Do’s and don’ts of presenting a new invention and getting patents for such, and they will recommend some of the steps they followed from their wealth of experience, therefore you wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes they made.
Different inventors clubs have different criteria for selecting new members into their groups; there are however some criteria that seem to be general and applicable to all of them.

How to join an inventor club

To join an invention club, you must;

• You may be interested in developing your ideas into inventions and enjoy the company of like minded and some time more experienced inventors.

• Some may have an invention that is new that have been submitted for patent or you are initiating the process of applying for patent,

• Or even having inventions that are commercially viable and capable of out-performing other similar products or inventions in the market.
In most cases, a preliminary confidential evaluation of your invention will be done in person and you will get an opinion from other members or from a patent attorney to make sure all other requirements are met. Some invention clubs provide you with free advice or services saving you money in your steps towards patent prosecution or commercializing your invention.

• You can also join our online Inventors Network ( and ask your questions or share your thoughts and experiences

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    I am trying to find a local group in Queens, New York… any ideas?

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