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    Hi, I don’t know where to paste this topic so I am going to the first one. I was just reading an article yesterday upon Knowledge economy, the benefits it brings to society as a whole. Now I am thinking isn’t it against the very nature of intellectual property rights like patents, copyrights etc. what do you think? Isn’t patent harming or stopping the innovation process than encouraging it. Just a curious question!


    Hi, Lucy. I don’t agree with you on this. What about the individual who has spent day and night thinking about an innovation and would not get an incentive for his or her hard work.


    if anyone knows something about this, kindly enlighten us.


    Yes, I totally agree with your stance on this. I have heard from my friend that 40-90% of patent innovations would not make it to the market, keeping it to them, not benefiting the society from their novel ideas. Only if they have shared the ideas publicly, someone might have adopted the innovation and made it public. Most of the innovation comes after changing the little things in an already existing product than a totally new product. The idea must be shared for the benefit of the larger society.


    Yes, this is a long debate. There is no possible answer to this dilemma. All these arguments have been made to researchers and they are finding a way to balance the knowledge sharing and intellectual property rights. hope that helps.

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