If I licensed my product I would make $2.45 on each piece. I make $26.00 by being a part of the manufacturing operations.

If I licensed they would probably put some kid on the marketing because it is a costly product launch and the senior marketing people are making much more for the company on higher volume products. I am the driver for all marketing on my product. No one can match my passion in the first place!

If I licensed a manufacturer can push my baby aside for some of their other products. They more or less care about numbers as a priority. This is my baby, even if I was not to make piles of cash I am the one pushing from behind my product, and it is an enjoyable adventure!

If I license my product they could modify and call their own and outright take the idea if they can get around the patent. They surely will try, but that is business. I manufacture because I “sit” right on top of all operations. No one will take it from me! PLUS….being “in the ring” I get to make all kinds of other related products because I am hands on. Maybe a licensor won’t let me fully use their facilities to come up with more ideas.

If I license I can blame them for dissatisfaction. I can kick and scream but I don’t know if they would even care. Manufacturing, I have no one to blame but myself and if I ever I want an answer..I just look to myself and have it immediately!

If I license will they really care about my product’s AND my future the way I wish? NO! Manufacturing I have control of that, I put in for what I want out.

I chose this way to do it myself with this thick-headed mentality to build a bigger empire like Steve Jobs, Ray Croc, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Ron Poppeil (the infomercial guy with piles of kitchen gadgets 10 years ago), Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s), Milton Hershey

How do you think great American companies started? IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Wal-Mart, 3M, McDonalds, Hershey. These thick-headed people like me saddled up their idea and decided THEY would ride their dream themselves off to the sweet land of great success.

Last, a personal reason. Does anyone know the main program that Bill Gates bought for 50G’s to further develop into Microsoft software systems? Does anyone know his name? I’ll answer that….no…maybe he jumped off a bridge cause he made himself sick!

He got 50G’s and Bill got 50 Billion and became the richest man in the world.

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