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    Hi. I need some help. Where can I find a list of Trade-Show events that have some focus and value for the general Inventor? I have struggled with getting new ideas and discuss them with other inventors, online research relating to the process or getting a prototype refined and manufactured for sale. Are there events and shows in which I can speak in person with Manufactures about material types, design requirements specific with DFM, etc etc. I have many ideas as well as in-house working prototypes but continue to hit a wall on the next steps.


    Hi, Adam. your question is really diverse. I hope my answer would be helpful for you. The Housewares Show in Chicago and Hardware Show in Las Vegas have sections dedicated to inventors where there are some companies that provide inventor services in addition to inventors showing their inventions. The USPTO is there as well. Here’s more info related to the Housewares Show: Housewares


    Hi. I completely agree with Danny. Your question entails many options. What I understood from your question is you want to know more about trade show devoted to industrial design, prototyping, and manufacturing of different kinds of products. AmCon shows arrange many events for the help of the manufacturers. From prototypes to production parts. The most competitive companies in the U.S. use AmCon shows to find new suppliers. Click here for a sample list of companies that have attended in the past. You can assess their website from here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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