• The device concept design combines both fire alarm detectors with firefighting device created design” as shown in the attached concept design , with 160 degree angle for the “fire ball release tube”, to allow the balls to distribute in all the room directions.. for fire extinguishing I am using already invented fire balls , but with smaller scale…[Read more]

  • Hammer part to be installed to any electrical drill, used as hammer for normal nails. This is a unique innovation, not found in any of innovations ideas, which will facilitate drill function for any electric drill and will make cost saving for the production of hammering equipment.

  • This proposal is to mix use between electric with direct power or cordless grinder and drill, by using a simplified mechanism to attach separate parts to the machine body. the proposal is to attach drill or grinder head to the machine part with a clip latch , each head include gear mechanism that allow the rotation of drill and grinder

  • A compact motorcycle towing device for a vehicle trailer hitch… ..The folding front tire channel is adjustable vertically to fit any hitch and compactly folds for temp’ on-vehicle storage… ..The device is partially removable for quick, easy longer term storage inside the trunk space… ..The remaining vertical column is left, locked to the hitch……[Read more]

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    The link below showcases several inventions I have prototyped. All of the IP is owned by myself and is protected variously by patent, registered design and/or copyright. Several designs use the inclined steering shown in the image. This greatly improves handling and demonstrated in the YouTube videos where available, where further information can…[Read more]

  • http://www.patentauction.com/patent.php?nb=15994 Please click the link. It will give complete description with photos. DESIGN PATENT  D826,011 My TWO SIDE CUTTING BOARD with SUPPORT BASE is a unique cutting board for any kitchen. One side is used for the prep of anyone’s food items. It has on the prep side two catch basins for any crumbs or…[Read more]

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    Anyone that understands this formula or have an idea what it could be please let me know… it’s a small part universal piece part of powerful information even product/publising possibilities of extreme financial outcome.. want more info contact unclemannycruz@gmail.com

  • مولد طاقة حر 1000KW واحد إلى 400 ميجا واط

  • Automotive subwoofer box that needs no installation. Plug and play instant bass to your automotive stereo….absolute game changer, flawless with incredible sound, equal or above the traditional subwoofer speakers that require hours of installation and hundreds of dollars and not to mention your dash being torn apart which is a total disaster with…[Read more]

  • First device was tested and he work well done,second was not make-it,it’s need good logistics,and precision.The ellectricall space engine,use el-mg force to make velocity don’t loose propellant,use inertia force ,we don’t need chemicall propellant,only relative partycles.

  • Due to highly classified nature of this invention,only some advantages are mentioning here for introducing. NextGen Rifle and Dynamic Ammunition Most advanced assult rifle technology and ammunition ever innovated. Working details classified. Advantages of Rifle – 5x firing rate than present assult rifles(comparing with AKM). Highly increased…[Read more]

  • Many people in our times have problems to pick up heavily items that will use in our everyday life because of health problems that faces or because of they don’t have the muscular strength to pick them up.  It’s unthinkable to be ablew to use such unbelievable amounts of energy and we don’t for such a simple purposes. Why to

  • Cat food names Meows’ Chow’s.

  • Looks like a sail or solar panel. Fine Cubicled sized squares that makes shirts a master pieces. Fast Easy and a breeze to wash third sphere cotton.

  • Hello, my name is Hector Trevino from Chandler, Arizona. I feel that my product “Prosolez” would fit right in with your already amazing name brand, for a possible sale or licensing opportunity. Prosolez is the clear alternative to going barefoot! It is a thin rubber, non-latex, water proof material, placed on the bottom of your foot, held on by a…

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    The world’s fastest masonry drill bit. 3 types. Up to 7 times faster known drill bits. More than double durability. Drills in: Granite Concrete, Concrete, Masonry, Bricks, Industrial Tiles, Glazed Tiles, Limestone, Glass, Terrazzo, Marble, Terracotta, Cement, Roof Tile, Eternit, Repair Mortar and more. Tested by the Danish Technological Institute,…[Read more]

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