• I was going to create this topic here as well but you beat me to it. Glad to have someone giving their due light to female inventors.

  • Many of us would want to create innovative products but we don’t know from where to start for example, How to think of innovative ideas. Here are a few things that I would like to share with you all. Firstly you need to let that sink that ideas don’t hit anyone out of the blue. You have to try, think again and again and improve ideas until you get…[Read more]

  • He deserves to be known by everyone. I have read somewhere that Steve Jobs is influenced by him. Jobs considered him as his childhood hero. He also follows him in business ideologies.

  • Hi, I’ve heard about Arizona Inventors’ Association but I’m not a member and I’ve personally never been to their meetings. But they’re pretty popular and I think the biggest group out there so you can take a chance with them. Maybe look up feedback from members or go to the association and ask them directly whatever you want to know. Hope this helps.

  • Sell sheets seem to work really well indeed. The goal is to fit everything that you want to communicate about your idea on a single sheet of paper, hence the name “sell sheet” (or “one sheet”, as I’ve seen many people call it).

    I mainly use Fireworks for the graphics, it’s very similar to Photoshop. But there are free tools out there, like Gimp.…[Read more]

  • Theresa replied to the topic Patent on existing product in the forum Patents 1 month ago

    Every case depends on the details but IMO there are certainly some things you can and can’t do. Others may have different views.

    I think the short answer to your question would be no if someone has something they make and I’ll assume are selling you wouldn’t be able to patent their creation. For you their creation would be seen in the eyes of th…[Read more]

  • My thoughts are:
    1. If there is a genuine need for this in the home, then what is fulfilling the need now? How is it being done? Is someone really going to be willing to pay to have this role or function fulfilled. Maybe it’s time to do some market research. Reach out to a load of your facebook friends and ask them if they’ve ever needed xyz – or…[Read more]

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  • Theresa replied to the topic Is it worth it getting a patent? in the forum Patents 1 month ago

    The short answer is yes or no. The longer answer is that it depends. IF the patent is well written then it is hard for someone to get around it. However, some patent agents or attorneys do not care about the business side of things, at least not yours. They can get a patent by writing very narrow claims and the patent will issue, but it can be…[Read more]

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